The Coastal Route - Map 3

From the Moler Museum, the Coastal Route takes you through countryside around the ancestral farm of Skarregaard. From here, several walks are possible, but follow the Coastal Route signs (the mussel against an orange background). The route continues through the game reserve down to the wood Skranderup Skov. From here you are led once more out to the beach, where you follow the coast southwards past the cliff Skærbæk Klint. If the tide is high, you can choose part of the 'Skærbæk Klint' trip as an alternative route.

Round trips
'Skranderup Skov' II
3½ km, approx. 1 hour (woodland paths and small roads)

Follow Skranderup Skovvej from the parking area down to the fjord. Turn left and follow Ropsøvej up to Skranderup Skovvej, which then takes you back to the parking area.

'Skærbæk Klint' IV
9 km, approx. 2 hours (beach and small roads)

Follow the Coastal Route northwards along the water's edge from the parking area at Kokkedal. Turn right up along Ropsøvej after the cliff Skærbæk Klint, turn right along Dybdalsvej and right again along Søbugten. Follow back to Kokkedal.

Selected sights and attractions
The Moler Museum

At the Moler Museum you can learn about the history of moler clay. There is a large collection of 55 million-year-old fossils of fish, birds, insects and plants as well as the sea turtle 'Luffe', who was found by the head of the museum in 2007. It is also possible for you to hunt for fossils in the moler yourself, and to get help having finds identified.

The ancestral farm of Skarregaard has been donated to Morsø Municipality and is now an agricultural museum. Enter the farmyard and experience how it was on a farm in the 1950s. The farm is run organically and the farm animals are of old Danish country breeds. There are a shop and café. The area has been designated a game reserve and Natura 2000 area. In the meadows there are many rare plants, including globe-flower and orchid, and the place is an important bird locality. The rich bird life can be observed from the bird hide.

Skærbæk Klint
At Skærbæk Klint cliff you have a good chance of finding fossils – including petrified wood that often has a fine red colour.

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