The Coastal Route - Map 5

From Sundby the Coastal Route takes you out along Fælleden (the common) down to the water at Volbjerg. The route follows small paths from the purification plant until the end of Fjordkær. At low tide you can follow the coast from the sports ground in Rovvig by making use of part of the 'Vestermarken' round trip. From the end of Fjordkær the route takes you through the wood to the salt meadows in Dragstrup Vig and then along the water's edge until you take the path up at Tæbring Church. Here you follow small roads and field paths past Susvind holiday camp.

Round trips
'Vestermarken' (only at low tide) V
9 km, approx. 2½-3 hours (beach, path and small roads)

From the sports ground you can follow the coast round the cove of Rovvig, out around Vestermarken and back to the end of Fjordkær. Follow Fjordkær back to the sports ground.

'Hellig Kilde' II
5 km, approx. 1¼ hours (paths, beach and small roads)

From the church keep to the left along Dragstrupvej. Then turn left along Kr. Koldsvej. Once past the trees, follow the red walk route over the river until you meet the Coastal Route at the dike. Follow the Coastal Route to Fjordvangen, where you turn up to Dragstrupvej, which you follow, keeping on your left back to the church.

Selected sights and attractions
Hellig Kilde Dragstrup
At Dragstrup Church, which is from the 13th century, there is a small stone well. Close by is the Holy Spring of Maria Magdalena. It is said that water from the Holy Spring can cure illnesses. In the river nearby there are a number of old oak posts. They possibly come from a former water mill.

The small Romanesque church that lies right out on the edge of the steeply sloping coastline can only be called Tæbring's landmark. Tæbring is a good example of how settlement has often followed the landscape. Around the church unique traces have been found of a large Viking village.

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