The Coastal Route - Map 8

From Serupsvej the Coastal Route turns right along Ålekistevej, following small roads until it passes through the wood on Fjordlundsvej and takes you down to Hesterøodde. From here the Coastal Route follows the fjord to Sillerslev Havn.

The route continues from the harbour along the coast, finally leaving the beach and taking you up along Skallevej to Ørding Kærvej and on up to Ørding. At high tide, can use parts of the round trips as alternative routes. From Skallevej, if the tide is normal, you can make use of part of the 'Ørding Kær' round trip along the water's edge towards Ørding.

Round trips
'Hesterørodde' IV
13 km, approx. 3½ hours (beach and small roads)

Walk eastwards along the water's edge to Sillerslev Havn. Follow Havnevej, Skibdalsvej, Pederslundvej and Hesterøroddevej back to the parking area.

'Sillerslev Havn' IV
5 km, approx. 1½ hours (beach and small roads)

Follow the Coastal Route eastwards along the beach, go up along Skallevej. Return to the harbour via Gl. Færgevej and Havnevej.

'Ørding Kær' IV
11 km, approx. 3 hours (beach and small roads)

Leaving Ørding church, walk down along Stranden. Follow the coast southwestwards past the pump house. Turn in along Gl. Færgevej and follow the Coastal Route back to Ørding church.

Selected sights and attractions
From here the rowing boat ferry used to go out to Jegindø. When the flag was hoisted, it meant that there were customers for the ferry. Jegindø was an entailed estate under Lund Hovedgård (Gl. Lund with the castle mounds on Hesterøroddevej) and the ferry used to ferry the copyholders back and forth. Local people – until the rowing boat ferry was discontinued in the early 1960s – used to make use of the connection for annual summer excursions to Jegindø.

Sillerslev Havn
Features a fishing harbour, marina, boat-building yard with slipway, cafeteria, clubhouse, fishmonger and shelter for primitive stop-overs as well as one of the island's best bathing beaches.

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