The Coastal Route - Map 9

From Ørding the Coastal Route takes you down Stranden to Årbæk Mill, where it continues along the water's edge to Bakkevæld. From here, follow small roads to the village of Ljørslev and then continue through Lilleris and Legind Wood until you emerge under the Legind–Vejle bridge south of Nykøbing.

Round trips
'Legind Bjerge' II
8 km, approx. 2 hours (woodland paths and small roads)

From the parking area, turn right along Sallingsundvej. Then turn right along Højrisvej up past Højris Castle. Follow the Coastal Route from Lillerisvej through Kårup and Legind Bjerge. Leave the Coastal Route at the 'Round trip of Legind Bjerge' sign and take the woodland path back to the parking area.

Selected sights and attractions
Højriis castle
Mystery surrounds the castle in the wood. In the summer you can also try to solve 'the murder mystery at Højriis' and visit the lovely park with Denmark's only garden of poisonous plants, or the café and Karna Blom and Frøken Rose's shop.

Legind Skov
This area was formerly heathland covered with heather, but in 1892 far-sighted people from Nykøbing founded a tree-planting society. They planted trees in the area in order to create a recreational woodland area for the people of Mors. The area consists of steep hills and deep gorges, with small rivers that meander out to the fjord. There are a number of barrows in the area, the remains of kitchen middens and deep old sunken roads that all bear witness to considerable activity ever since prehistoric times.

Legind Sø
The lake was originally a loop of the fjord that was drained in 1925 by local plot owners, so that they could cultivate the area. In 1991, the lake was temporarily re-created. In the meadow there grow rare plants such as grass of Parnassus, marsh lousewort and the protected May orchid.

Legind Bjerge
In Legind Bjerge, sheep carry out important nature preservation. They keep the heath landscape open and ensure that the recreation areas do not become impenetrable underwood. At the same time, they help ensure that there is a rich and varied fauna, flora, bird life and insect life. Occasionally, one can meet the shepherd and his dog at work.

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