Dansk Skaldyrcenter

Dansk Skaldyrcenter (eng: Danish Shellfish Center) is a research-, communication-, and experience center. It's main task is to inform about and focus on the shellfish of the Limfjord, both nationally and internationally.

Here you can see some of exciting events that Morsø Turistbureau is offering, in cooperation with Dansk Skaldyrcenter.

You can also check out the event calendar for events that are already planned.

  • Beach biology - beach trip focusing on families with children

    Beach biology - beach trip focusing on families with children Marinebiology for beginners We'll meet at Dansk Skaldyrcenter. With waders on and buckets in hands we'll find an exciting spot in the fjord. Here we'll go 'hunting' with water binoculars and underwater cameras. We'll store our catch in small aquariums and talk about what we find. You'll also get the opportunity to study small plants and animals in a microscope, that you otherwise couldn't spot. It'll be just as interesting to adults as to kids! Price: €14 per person. Booking: Morsø Turistbureau, tel. 9772 0488 or mail: mt@visitmors.dk
    From 14,00 EUR Book
  • Boat trip - Grand Tour - Biology in wave height

    Danish Shellfish Center's most popular tour - The Grand Tour We are going to sail out on the fjord and see the breeding facilities with mussels in net. Along the way, you will learn why the Limfjord has the world's best environment for shellfish. It will be a trip with sea spray, fresh air - and perhaps and the most adventurous can sample a raw clam.
    From 42,00 EUR Book
  • Experimental cooking experience - Shellfish cookery course

    Cook like a pro for a night. Make a meal with your friends, colleagues or clients. We will cook and have a nice afternoon and evening in the kitchen of Dansk Skaldyr Center. Price per person: DKK 395,- (Euro 55,-)
    From 55,00 EUR Book
  • Oyster Safari from the Danish Shellfish Center

    Learn and get a tip on how to gather fresh oysters at the fjord. Put on your waders and follow the biologist from Danish Shellfish Center (Dansk Skaldyrcenter) to the fjord. (Waders are made available at the Dansk Skaldyrcenter). Here you will get tips on how to prepare and cook oysters, and understand the wildlife and the wondrous life in the fjord.
    From 28,00 EUR Book
  • Adventure trip - Speed over fjord

    Experience high speed and the wind in your hair with sea spray and wave-jumping at full throttle over the fjord at speeds up to 95 km / h.
    From 35,00 EUR Book
  • Fjord Biology for children, Danish Shellfish Center

    Come and touch the animals from the fjord! The event is aimed at kids - with a pool for touching the animals, a crab race and a talk about the animals of the Limfjord. All at the childrens level. We'll meet in the aquarium hall and talk about the fjord animals and how they live. There'll be ample opportunities to come real close, get your hands wet and touch the animals. How does it feel to touch a sea squirt or a starfish? And what does a skeleton shrimp looks like?
    From 19,00 EUR Book

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