Guided hiking-, biking- and exploration tours

Come along for a guided hiking / biking / exploration tour.

Low price: €8.5 per person. Free for children under the age of 14.

Electric bike tours: €15 per person.

Vineyard visit: €14 per person.

  • Oyster Safari from the Danish Shellfish Center

    Learn and get a tip on how to gather fresh oysters at the fjord. Put on your waders and follow the biologist from Danish Shellfish Center (Dansk Skaldyrcenter) to the fjord. (Waders are made available at the Dansk Skaldyrcenter). Here you will get tips on how to prepare and cook oysters, and understand the wildlife and the wondrous life in the fjord.
    From 27,00 EUR Book
  • Sail trip - Around Mors by the sea - With Guide

    Enjoy the impressive scenery as the tour boat “Bertha K” takes you around the island. This tour is with a local guides.
    From 55,00 EUR Book
  • From the fjord to the dining table - with a biologist and chef

    The event will begin with a tour at Dansk Skaldyrcenter (eng: Danish Shellfish Center). We'll see how to 'grow' oysters, lobsters, clams and seaweed. We'll also hear why it's healthy to eat shellfish. The focus of the tour will primarily be the avaible resources in the fjord, and the options of taking advantage of said resources. Then we'll go the kitchen of the center. The chef has already prepared some quaint little dishes with clams or other shellfish, including exciting side dishes. Maybe this will be your first time tasting seaweed from the Limfjord?
    From 40,50 EUR Book
  • Guided Herb and Mushroom tour at Legind Plantation

    Guided herb and Mushroom tour at Legind Plantation Price per person, Euro 8,- (Children under 12 yrs. old, free of charge).
    From 8,00 EUR Book
  • Kayak Tour with an instructor

    Be your own captain and try our Kayak tour with an instructor After a short introduction and tips, you will sail off with Instructor Michael Jensen to the beautiful fjord scenery of Klosterfjorden. Duration: 1 hour and 30 mins. Price per person Euro 34,- (minimum 10 years of age)
    From 35,00 EUR Book
  • Boat trip - Grand Tour - Biology in wave height

    Danish Shellfish Center's most popular tour - The Grand Tour We are going to sail out on the fjord and see the breeding facilities with mussels in net. Along the way, you will learn why the Limfjord has the world's best environment for shellfish. It will be a trip with sea spray, fresh air - and perhaps and the most adventurous can sample a raw clam.
    From 34,00 EUR Book

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