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  • Book - Nordic Camper Guide 2016

    "Autocamper guide" with Autocamper parking spaces in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The guide has been manufactured by autocamper unions from Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Price: €20.5 incl. postage within Denmark
    20,50 EUR Book
  • Snapseruten (schnapps route) by car, 3 nights

    "Snapseruten" (the schnapps route) winds through the beautiful and varied landscape of Limfjordslandet.
    From 337,00 EUR Book
  • Cycling Holiday – Around North Mors in 3 days

    A perfect setting for your cycling experiences. North Mors is made for a holiday on two wheels. Here you can experience "mountain stages" and flat stretches, but both types of stages include magnificent and contrasting natural experiences. The packed lunch is made, so it’s up on the saddle and off on your bike. Price: 192 EUR per person in a double room.
    From 204,00 EUR Book
  • Bicycle Vacations - Mini Vacation on Mors - 4 days

    Come and experience the high sky, the pure air and the hospitable islanders. With the lovely Inn as startingpoint, you will pass along narrow winding roads, relaxed and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Daily Stages from 30 to 50 kilometers. 3 nights at Sallingsund Færgekro incl. 1/2 pension, map, tour description and bike rental. Price: DKK 2.325, - pr. person in a double room
    From 316,00 EUR Book
  • Cycling at the Limfjord region toward the West

    For good reason, many people fall in love in the nature around the Limfjord, and the Limfjord country is ideal for two-wheeled bicycle holidays. On this tour toward the west you’ll feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the varied nature along the fjord. Here you will cross the fjord twice. Price: 3 days - DKK 1.595, - per person in a shared double room (min. 2 persons).
    From 217,00 EUR Book
  • Driving around the Limfjord in 4 days

    Driving around the Limfjord in 4 days With a view of the Limfjord and the sea, the route takes you past many of the historic landmarks, natural experiences and family-friendly attractions that the Limfjord area can offer. It is always possible to make a detour to see more of the beautiful landscape and enjoy its free pleasures. 3 nights with breakfast in good hotels; and 1 ticket to a Limfjord storie and 1 ticket to a Mors storie. Price per person if 2 people in double room: € 262,-.
    From 262,00 EUR Book
  • Weekend break – Oyster Premiere 12. - 14. okt. 2018

    The annual start of the oyster and mussel season is marked with a day of celebration in Nykøbing Mors harbour on Saturday, 13th of October between 1pm and 5pm. In the tent a gourmet cook is ready to give you a unique tasting experience, whilst on one of the ships a fishing captain will tell you about oyster and mussel harvesting. We also reveal what makes the oysters of the Limfjord a much-loved delicacy throughout Europe. On Saturday night we invite you to a large fish and shellfish buffet at Hotel Pakhuset Come and enjoy our all-inclusive offer. There’s 2 nights in a double room, together with oyster tasting, a fish and shellfish buffet, and breakfast. - 180 EUR per person in a double room at Danhostel. - 225 EUR per person in a double room at Sallingsund Færgekro.
    From 180,00 EUR Book
  • Oyster Safari from the Danish Shellfish Center

    Learn and get a tip on how to gather fresh oysters at the fjord. Put on your waders and follow the biologist from Danish Shellfish Center (Dansk Skaldyrcenter) to the fjord. (Waders are made available at the Dansk Skaldyrcenter). Here you will get tips on how to prepare and cook oysters, and understand the wildlife and the wondrous life in the fjord.
    From 27,00 EUR Book
  • Golf holiday at the island of Mors with Gourmet food

    Play Golf and stay for a night at the inn, "Sallingsund Færgekro". Sallingsund Færgekro is beautifully located near Legind Hill with captivating view over the Limfjord. Just 8 km. to Morsø Golf Club and 10 km. to Harrevig Golf Club. Here we have one of Denmark's finest golf course, Morsø Golf Club. The 18-hole course has a unique location right at the Limfjord. It overlooks the bay from most of the holes which offers plenty of challenges for amateur and more experienced golfers. Offer price: DKK 795,- per person for 1 night accommodation in a double bedroom. Price from 1/6-18: DKK 895,- per person for 1 night accommodation in a double bedroom.
    From 125,00 EUR Book
  • Wine & Dine, 5.30 pm Friday 12 October

    "Wine & Dine" in the celebration tent at Pakhustorvet, 180 EUR per person. For a second time, the shellfish capital of Denmark invites you to OYSTERS & MUSSELS "Wine & Dine". An exclusive sneak preview of the Oyster and Mussel Premiere, at which you can enjoy dishes prepared by two fantastic cooks, including Champagne Show. 5.30 pm Friday 12 October
    180,00 EUR Book
  • Cycling holiday – Around the island of Mors for 5 days

    Mors - "The Island Beyond the Sea" lies amid the beaming Limfjord with its beautiful and varied nature Jutland small scale. The island has all the elements that give the whole family a rewarding holiday on two wheels. 5 days DKK 2.599, - pr. person in a double room.
    From 354,00 EUR Book
  • Mini vacation - Schnapps Route - 2 days

    Snaps Route inns and hotels are all carefully selected according the following criteria; good gastronomy, cozy ambiance and unique location.
    From 122,00 EUR Book
  • Minivacation - Shellfish-school and harbor atmosphere - From the 14th to the 16th of September 2017 (Sallingsund Færgekro)

    The biggest wooden ship sailing event in Scandinavia is coming to Mors on the 14th of september 2017. Come down and see around 60 beautiful wooden ships berth at the quay of Nykøbing harbor. The harbor is transformed into a lively marketplace, tempting with foods, exhibits, tombolas and entertainment. On Friday, you can become your own star chef for a night at the Shellfish school of Dansk Skaldyrcenter. 2-nights stay at Sallingsund Færgekro incl. breakfast and a menu at Dansk Skaldyrcenter. Price per person in a double bedroom: DKK 1190,- (minimum 2 persons).
    138,00 EUR Book
  • 3 Days golf holiday on the island of Mors

    One of Denmark's most beautiful 18-hole golf courses is in the outskirt of Nykøbing. Here we have one of Denmark's finest golf course "Morsø Golf Club". Its 18-hole course has a unique location right at the Limfjord. It overlooks the bay from most of the holes which offers plenty of challenges for amateur and more experienced golfers. 2-nights accommodation at Sallingsund Færgekro, includes 2, 3-course gourmet menu, 2 breakfast and 2 green fees to Morsø Golf Club. Price: Dkk 1.790,- (€244,-) per person in a double bedroom (min. 2 persons).
    From 244,00 EUR Book
  • Lene Shannon / Photography Printed on Canvas 18 x 18 cm. 04

    Lene Shannon / Photography Printed on Canvas 18 x 18 cm.
    56,50 EUR Book
  • Champagne brunch October the 13th. at 10 a.m.

    Enjoy a champagne brunch and watch the danish championship in champagne bottle sabering. Look forward to a plate with interesting dishes, fresh coffee, tea and juice and a large glass of freshly sabered champagne. Price: €27 per person.
    27,00 EUR Book
  • Walking holidays on the coastal route with 3 nighst accommodation

    On Mors, there are many places to hike. Quite obvious it is to walk along the coastal route, either on the beach or on paths near the water.
    From 208,00 EUR Book
  • Experimental cooking experience - Shellfish cookery course

    Cook like a pro for a night. Make a meal with your friends, colleagues or clients. We will cook and have a nice afternoon and evening in the kitchen of Dansk Skaldyr Center. Price per person: DKK 295,- (Euro 40,-)
    From 40,00 EUR Book
  • From the fjord to the dining table - with a biologist and chef

    This event will begin with a tour at Dansk Skaldyrcenter (eng: Danish Shellfish Center). We'll see how to grow oysters, lobsters, clams and seaweed. We'll also hear why it's healthy to eat shellfish/seafoods. The focus of this tour will primarily be the available resources in the fjord, and the options of taking advantage of the said resources. Then the tour continuous to the center’s kitchen Here the chef has already prepared some delicious little dishes with mussels or other seafood, for which there are exciting side dishes. Perhaps this is your first time to taste tang from the Limfjord?
    From 40,50 EUR Book
  • Book - Finn Have - Mors i billedet

    A project about artists, who are born on Mors, has lived on the island for a period, or having just been inspired by the scenery. The book has been made from an idea by the painter Finn Have. Price incl. postage and fees: €43
    43,00 EUR Book

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