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Maps and books on Mors, Thy, the Limfjord and National Park Thy.

Kort og bøger om Mors, Thy, Limfjorden og Nationalpark Thy.

  • Book - Nordic Camper Guide 2016

    "Autocamper guide" with Autocamper parking spaces in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The guide has been manufactured by autocamper unions from Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Price: €20.5 incl. postage within Denmark
    20,50 EUR Book
  • Book - Finn Have - Mors i billedet

    A project about artists, who are born on Mors, has lived on the island for a period, or having just been inspired by the scenery. The book has been made from an idea by the painter Finn Have. Price incl. postage and fees: €43
    43,00 EUR Book

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