Experimental cooking experience - Shellfish cookery course

We put away our cookbooks and ignore established traditions. Everything is allowed and can be tried. We make shellfish dishes and many delicious extras. We experiment and may even invent a new dish.

An experimental cookbook

Have you got an idea for a new shellfish dish? Then bring it along and we can try it out and taste it. Is it a new type of prawn cocktail or a mussel salad? We’ll put the best dishes in our cookbook.

We eat the results

When we’ve experimented with the food and handled the raw materials of the fjord, we sit down at the table. We taste all the dishes and exchange recipes and experiences. The aim is for everyone to become more knowledgeable about shellfish and cookery, and the kitchen may even send cookbooks to participants.

There must be a minimum of 15 people for an event to take place.

Please note: Drinks are bought separately.

You can register at the tourist office Morsø Turistbureau, tel: 9772 0488, email: