From the fjord to the dining table - with a biologist and chef

The event will begin with a tour at Dansk Skaldyrcenter (eng: Danish Shellfish Center). We'll see how to 'grow' oysters, lobsters, clams and seaweed. We'll also hear why it's healthy to eat shellfish. The focus of the tour will primarily be the avaible resources in the fjord, and the options of taking advantage of said resources.

Then we'll go the kitchen of the center. The chef has already prepared some quaint little dish-samples with clams or other shellfish, including exciting side dishes. Maybe this will be your first time tasting seaweed from the Limfjord? The chef will also inspire you how to prepare dishes with shellfish. So come along and taste, smell and ask. Your taste buds will surely be richly experienced, and you will be inspired how to use shellfish and seaweed in your own dishes. 

Duration: 2 hours (1 hour tour and 1 hour in the kitchen with the chef, where you will taste the prepared samples)

Minimum of 15 participants. If there aren't enough bookings you will be contacted by Morsø Turistbureau.