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From Mors to Skagen

From Mors towards Skagen - is a bicycle tour beyond the sea and the fjord. The Limfjord - the North Sea - the Kattegat, you get it all and you will have time to live and experience.

The Limfjord, the largest Danish fjord with small wooden ferries and enchanting bridges. The North Sea has kilometres of white sand beach. The Kattegat is the mild coast with children friendly beaches.

Skagen with the light - the light that can never be described needs to be seen with your own eyes. Aalborg is a town that seethes life and fascination. Himmerland is known for its huge forests and richness for birds and animal life. Salling's thriving landscape and the island Mors, it is a magnificent sight to see a nature filled with contrasts. The trip can be acknowledged with words as: sense of impression - physical unfolding and a time to meditate. You have a day-off in Skagen.

Day laps: 45 - 75 km.
9 nights accommodation at the Inn's & hotels incl. 9 breakfasts, map, tour description and brochures.

10 days € 830,- pr. person in DB.
With a day off in Skagen
TOUR NO. 511

Single room 10 days: € 305,-