Landbrugsmuseet Skarregaard


At Skarregaard Agricultural Museum time has been standing still since grandpa was a child. But then again, that is not exactly true as the farm is a very active place with exhibitions and modern organic farming.

An farm in the 1950s was a family farm, which required the help of everyone, just as there male and female workers on the farm. The sense of idyll described in the books by Danish author, Morten Korch, is clearly seen at Skarregaard. And the family farm built around a square in the hills of the fjord is not just a setting but the real authentic deal. In the farmhouse, you walk around in living rooms and kitchens with the layout of the 1950s, and in the wings of the farm you can feel the hard work on the farm with contemporary tools and many chores.

In the 1950s, there were no children living at Skarregaard. But Skarregaard is a unique way for children to experience how their grandparents may have lived. The duvet must be beaten in the farmyard, and the clothes washed using a washing board. In the small room next to the horse stable, you can try carding wool and using a spindle, before getting into the farm’s Volvo. You may try the art of milking, before moving on the playground. There are also several animals at the farm who enjoy eating dandelions. You can experience the goats, hens, and ducks in their natural element, and in the safe, authentic frame of an old, well-kept farm from the 1950s.

Skarregaard is a part of the Museum Mors

Wenn you have paid the entrance fee you can free visit: Dansk Støberimuseum, Fossil- og Molermuseet og Dueholm Kloster.