Adventures and events for all

Nature, stories, fun and entertainment. Mors may be a small island, but rich in experiences

Experience Mors


Mors has a wide selection of attractions with something for everyone - for fun and seriousness, play and learning, children and adults.


The events at Mors extend all over the island. See our calendar where we have gathered events at Mors.


Guided bus tours, kayaking on the fjord, horseback riding on Icelandic horses or tickets to the larger local events? Find your next experience here.

Danish Shellfish Center

Join the Oyster Safari, Seafood School and many others with Danish Shellfish Center

Guidet bustur til Nordmors.

Tag med på en guidet bustur rundt på den nordlige del af Mors. Oplev områdets fantastiske natur og hør skæve, interessante og fascinerende fortællinge...

Tales from Mors

You are invited to one of Denmark's largest treasuries of unique stories. You have the opportunity..

Museums at Mors

Get close to the exciting story that is part of the soul that still lives at Mors

Sailing Trips on the Limfjord

See seals, Mo-clay cliffs and sail close to the picturesque coastline.

Great recurring events

Shellfish Festival

The Shellfish Festival is a new taste experience. A feast for the eyes. New impressions. Music to your ears. Maritime experiences for children an adul...


KULTURMØDET ER... Danmarks midtpunkt, når det kommer til at diskutere kunst og kultur. Kulturmødet finder sted i Nykøbing Mors torsdag til lørdag i...