Nature-enhancing mini-holiday by the Limfjord

Photo: Havørred Limfjorden

Everyone talks about biodiversity, but here is the opportunity to make a positive contribution together with local zealots. We have put together four exciting weekend stays in the period 8-10. September, where you can contribute actively with labor in projects that focus on improving...

In recent years, the Faroe Islands have run an exciting concept with regenerative tourism, "Closed for Maintenance", with great success. This has provided inspiration for these nature-enhancing mini-holidays and as a participant, you have the opportunity to win the lottery for next year's "Closed for Maintenance" in the Faroe Islands (May 2-4, 2024).

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The weekend's program has been put together in collaboration with professionally skilled employees from the Limfjord Council and local zealots, so there is a guarantee that the projects will make some progress in reality at the same time that you will learn more about nature, watercourses and the Limfjord. Everything is combined with local experiences and a little pampering.

The packages are the 1st generation of a completely new form of tourism with regenerative tourism, which we hope to be able to develop and expand in the years to come, so that even more people can take an active part in the green transition.