The Coastal Route - Map 7

The Coastal Route takes you along small roads down past Agerø. Here you can choose a trip out to Agerø. The route continues along small roads down over Glomstrup Mark to Thissingvig and then follows Ålekistevej until it takes you out to the water and up Serupsvej.

Round trips
'Serupsvej' III
4 km, approx. 1 hour (beach and small roads)

Go westwards along the water's edge, then follow the Coastal Route in the opposite direction up to Ålekistevej. Turn right along Ålekistevej and return to the parking area along Serupsvej.

Selected sights and attractions
The small island is world-famous for its population of thousands of resting pale-bellied Brent goose. The grazed salt meadows are vital areas for the geese, who fatten up before migrating northwards in late-May to Spitsbergen and Greenland in order to breed in the barren tundra. Note the lovely little church and the way the light falls in from the blue-glass chancel window facing east. Visit the bird hide on the west side of the island.

An area of intensive agriculture was converted in 2009 into a shallow lake, one of the largest on the island. A key area for a rich fauna and bird life, and with good angling and walks.

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